10 Great Exercises to Build a Strong Core Using Hip Resistance Bands

The bodies core section includes all the muscles covering the front, back and side of the abdomen, as well as the glute, hip and pelvis. The Transverse Abdominus and Iliopsoas muscles perform the most vital function as the deepest muscles, but they are the hardest to train.

To gain better core strength, adding fabric hip resistance bands can increase the tension and engage the muscle against the dynamic resistance. A resistance band abdominal workout is designed to train all of your abdominal muscles as a group, while also bringing your wider core muscles into the game. Therefore, you can gain a better result including maximum stability, core strength, and

Knowing this, you just need a fabric resistance band which are available in different resistance levels, including light, medium and heavy, with a variety
of patterns and colors.

Here are 10 of the most effective core exercises using MYGM Hip Resistance Bands:

1- Banded bicycle crunches
2- Banded leg raises
3- Banded mountain climber
4- Banded leg scissors
5- Banded lying leg abduction
6- Banded Bird-Dog
7- Banded Glute Bridge
8- Banded Glute Bridge with Knee drives
9- Banded Plank-jack
10-Banded Kick back

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