The Best 5 Resistance Band Exercises to Build Bigger Biceps

The biceps brachii muscle (biceps) is located at the front of the arm and consists of two heads (Long and Short) which act as a
two-joint muscle.

Both muscle heads in the shoulder joint partly apply opposite movements. The long head pulls the arm away from the trunk (abduction), and turns it inwards (inward rotation), while the short head pulls the arm back towards the trunk (adduction).  When both heads contract simultaneously it leads to an arm bend (flexion). In the elbow joint the biceps bend the forearm (flexion) and rotate it outwards (supination). The supination is most powerful in a flexed elbow.

Using resistance bands can be a great way of improving the above functions of the Biceps. In order to engage the entire muscle, the workout needs to cover all different range of motions and movement patterns. Here are some exercises that you can try to help form lean Biceps and engage muscular hypertrophy. For more exercises, you can visit the MYGM social media pages @mygmofficial.

Using MYGM Fabric Long Resistance Bands:

1. Biceps curl wide and close grip
2. Single arm Biceps curl
3. Supinated (palm down) Curl
4. Single arm hammer curl
5. Isometric supinated hold


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